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Alexis Pharae

Alexis Pharae

Vampyre Priestess / Vampyre Witch


Vampyre Witch Alexis Pharae is an initiated Vampyre Priestess (of the Orde Strigoi Vii), an intuitive psychic, a second generation Polarity Therapist and an energy practitioner. Alexis Pharae is a member of the Sabretooth Clan, Brood of 2018.

Co-Owner of Vampfangs and Maison Vampyre. Together with her business partner Benjamin Addam, they collectively produce the Endless Night Salem (and New England) Vampire Ball events. These internationally-attended events serve as the central gathering for the Vampyre Culture (VC) of Salem, and the entire New England region. Her abilities and contributions to the Vampyre Current in Salem have been instrumental in the rise of the Vampyre Witch as an integral part of the fabric of Salem’s Magick Community.

June Jennings

June Jennings

Wiccan Priestess / Vampyre Witch


An Alexandrian Priestess (British Traditional Witchcraft), June Jennings is a natural Intuitive with a passion for Candle Magick and Vampyre culture. As Proprietress of Wicked Wax Candles, June is a master of her craft. She creates handcrafted devotional and intention candles during the most auspicious Moon phases and planetary alignments. You can find her magickal candles on her website and in select stores in Salem.

Embracing her inner Vampyre Witch, she is a charming and powerful light. June is currently the operations manager for Vampfangs and Iron Raven Inc. in Salem. June prides herself on creating an environment where non-traditional groups and events can feel at home.

Kris Gurky

Kris Gurky

Vampyre Witch / Magickal Herbalist


Kris is a natural intuitive, and herbal practitioner with Lithuanian and Celtic roots. She walks the liminal space between life and death with a fond appreciation of the Nightside. As a Vampyre Witch and lover of all things macabre, Kris has read tarot for over 25 years and teaches others to awaken their inherent abilities of divination.
Kris teaches tarot, intuitive development, and magickal herbalism workshops worldwide.

She was an officer in the United States Air Force, earned an M.B.A. at Boston University, an M.S. in Herbal Medicine, and studied herbalism at the Boston School of Herbal Studies. She founded Dark Moon Salem in 2010, has appeared on the History Channel’s Haunted History and an episode of Ghost Hunters


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