Astrology, Commitment Ceremonies, Classes and Workshops. Take Your Salem Experience to the Next Level with Specialty Services Performed by The Maison Vampyre Witches.

Astrology chart with tarot

Having your astrology chart cast with a tarot reading provides insight and guidance into how the universe affects you on a personal level; above and below. This session includes a personalized natal chart with discussion on important aspects revealed within, and concludes with an intuitive tarot reading that combines knowledge of the stars and the secrets contained within the cards. Please note: This type of reading requires 24 hour advanced booking and you must provide your name, date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth at the time of booking. 


Intention Candle Crafting Session

Vampyre Witch June will work with you to carve, anoint and set an intention for your candle using oils, crystals, herbs and symbols. You will leave with a 2”x6.5” pillar candle from Wicked Wax Candles, created with a wax mixture crafted under a Full Moon. Please note: Please arrive with an intention in mind.


Vampyre Witch Sessions

30 minute relaxed one on one meeting with one of our Vampyre Witches. Customized to your needs, Vampyre Sessions could include education, guidance, growth and development, or personal empowerment. Sessions can be done virtually or in person at Maison Vampyre.


Commitment Ceremonies

Step away from the traditional with a Darkling wedding or Blood and Roses Ceremony officiated by Vampyre Alexis Pharae. Complete your dark aesthetic with a ceremony suited for the dearest of darklings. Pharae is licenced to perform weddings in MA, so there is no need for an additional Justice of the Peace.

Choose your own venue or schedule a customized ceremony at Maison Vampyre for an additional fee. Contact Maison Vampyre for more information. 


Classes and workshops

Maison Vampyre will periodically hold virtual or in person classes that will be available to the public.

Please visit VampireHouse.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for scheduling.

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