Maison Vampyre offers many group events for girls nights, weddings, family gatherings or corporate events. If you are interested in any of these events being hosted off site, please contact

Salem Vampyre Witch Experience

Get the full experience when visiting Salem! This experience includes tarot readings, energy healing, candle magick, or cord cutting in one session. Each experience is custom to the individual needs of those attending, with more than one of Salem’s local Vampyre Witches. Each Vampyre Witch will offer their own insight and perspective and work together to help you with the guidance you are seeking. This is best done in a group setting with friends for a night out, or coworkers as a corporate event. The Salem Vampyre Experience can be helpful for team building or growing strength in the bonds of your friendships.

$75 Per Person, 4 Person Minimum.

Custom Group focused rituals

Group focused rituals set an intention using the energy of the group, done in a controlled circle environment. These rituals can be a way to set your intention for a variety of personalized goals such as getting over a past relationship or moving through the loss of a loved one. These rituals can also set the stage for personal empowerment and confidence, increasing  prosperity, or cleansing negative energy- by cutting emotional ties with a toxic individual or situation. Each member of the group will receive a spell kit to take home with them.

$100 per person, per hour. 4 person minimum. Includes a spell kit for each participant.

custom guided group meditations

Your group will be guided through a custom meditation created to help you achieve specific goals and intentions, such as relaxation, empowerment, clearing negative energy, manifesting positive protection, and more. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

$25 per person, 6 person minimum.

Gallery Seance

A gallery seance is an attempt to connect with spirits or energies in a group setting. Different from mediumship, this is a participatory and interactive experience as we invite any spirit who wishes to communicate into our space. This is a ticketed event, but available to be booked for groups. Contact Maison Vampyre for more information.

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